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GLOVEGLU MEGAGRIP (120ml) + GLOVEGLU GLOVEFRESH MINI (50ml) -the perfect duo

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A duet of the best

Even 25% higher grip reinforcement of your goalkeeper glove compared to the original !

You and your goalkeeper gloves in absolute top form. More grip of your goalkeeper gloves is hardly possible.

Over time, the grip and the adhesion of your goalkeeper gloves suffers. The grip decreases more and more. Revive your goalkeeper gloves or improve the grip of your new goalkeeper gloves. gloveglu MEGAgrip is applicable to all goalkeeper gloves, especially to heavily worn gloves for your goalkeeper training.

Simply spray the goalkeeper glove spray gloveglu MEGAgrip before or during the game or training several times and you get the ultimate grip of your goalkeeper gloves.

The adhesion booster for your goalkeeper gloves is extremely effective in both wet and dry conditions. Applicable to all types of goalkeeper glove inner surfaces (e.g. hard foam or latex).

Make yourself and your goalkeeper gloves a match winner! Once you've tried it, you'll wonder why you haven't used the gloveglu MEGAgrip before

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors of your goalkeeper gloves.

Bacteria and germs cause odor in your goalkeeper gloves. gloveglu glovefresh doesn't mask odors, it acts directly on the odor-causing bacteria. Glovefresh MINI eliminates them and the unpleasant smell of your goalkeeper gloves. Your goalkeeper gloves will stay fresh and odor-free.

gloveglu Glovefresh neutralizes the unpleasant odor of your goalkeeper gloves with a specially developed formula. gloveglu Glovefresh eliminates bacteria and protects you from infections. More freshness for your goalkeeper gloves.

Producent: GLOVEGLU
Artikelnummer: PKL17772